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Tiltify Overlay Hacks for OBS

Posted 05.01.2023

For anyone that’s ever wanted to use Tiltify’s overlays at a broadcast resolution of over 1080p, hope is not lost! You can adapt the overlay to work at larger resolutions by adding some additional CSS via the Custom CSS field […]

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Last updated 7/4/22 at 6:55am CST Trying out a spreadsheet as of 7/3 cast. Follow along at here. While cultist priests can technically spawn anywhere across Appalachia while the Mothman Equinox event is live, some locations appear to definitely be […]

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Hello Again, Member

Posted 04.30.2022

Welcome to the new online home of Firebase Prime! This website will act as a resource for future Fallout 76 videos posted on the YouTube channel, go into the geeky weeds about cosplay prop building, and offer a running list […]

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