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Posted 04.30.2022|

Welcome to the new online home of Firebase Prime! This website will act as a resource for future Fallout 76 videos posted on the YouTube channel, go into the geeky weeds about cosplay prop building, and offer a running list of services and tools that I’ve found helpful along the way. I also plan on eventually offering insights into how I produce content and document other resources that will hopefully be helpful to you in some capacity.

In terms of what you’ll find on the website…

Coming Soon: Video Notes

A problem I’ve noticed, particularly in comments from Resource Grind videos, is that some information just doesn’t convey well in video form, particularly when it comes to conveying specific locations on the more remote regions of the Fallout 76 map. Starting with the next video posted to the channel, this website will contain accompanying video notes that do a more thorough job of presenting this information, providing a mobile-optimized reference that can be used alongside the video to supercharge your farming efforts. The same info will still be covered in video form for those that aren’t big on the whole reading thing, but a callout to the website will also be provided and linked in each new video’s description, so be on the lookout.

Wasteland Workshop

Here, you’ll find a running list of recreations and props that I’m working on, most if not all 3D printed using the files from other talented creators, along with detailed notes about the build process for each project that will hopefully be helpful if you decide to build your own version of the item. It’s 50% me attempting to blog prop-building projects, 50% an attempt to satisfy the web-developer in me that likes experimenting with information architecture.

Visit the Workshop


Here, you’ll find a categorized list of all the tools and resources I’ve found along the way that have helped me with anything from 3D printing to content creation, updated as I find new things. My hope is that you’ll find something new to help along the way, whether you’re building props, producing YouTube content, or looking the data-mine the absolute hell out of Fallout 76.

See the List


Announcements, general news, deep dives into specific topics that don’t make sense to post as videos, and anything else that doesn’t fit into the sections listed above.

And that pretty much covers it. Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and look forward to bunches of new content here and on YouTube in the near future.


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