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Mothman Equinox Event Notes: Cultist Priest Locations

Posted 07.01.2022|

Last updated 7/4/22 at 6:55am CST

Trying out a spreadsheet as of 7/3 cast. Follow along at here.

While cultist priests can technically spawn anywhere across Appalachia while the Mothman Equinox event is live, some locations appear to definitely be better than others. Below are my notes from pack farming efforts thus far. Refresh this page regularly, as I will be updating it frequently throughout the July event run.

Collected cultist high priest packs have a 25% chance to include both the Cultist Elder Clothes and Helmet (they drop together), as well as a 5% chance of containing a Perfect Mothman Egg. If you receive a Perfect Mothman Egg, deposit it in the Cradle of the Pretenders (located in Point Pleasant) during the Mothman Equinox event’s collection phase to turn all of the Vengeful Mothman into Mothman Hatchlings, an adorable but still just as deadly substitute.

So far, I’ve yet to receive any perfect mothman eggs from farming on a private world. I’m nearly 100% certain that they only drop on public worlds. Elder outfits drop as expected.

Ash Heap:

Brim Quarry – Hands down the best location thus far for farming backpacks. The first run had 2 priests, the second had 4. Third and fourth runs had 1 each time.

Beckley – Found in/near Sal’s Grinders. Found a second time near center of town.

Welch – Found once, on west side of town.

Lewisburg – Found on multiple runs across different places in the town.

Camden Park – Many fruitless runs, one run with 2 priests

Savage Divide:

Relay Tower EL-B1-02 – Found once.

Seneca Rocks Visitor Center – Found multiple times, at back of hotel.

Monongah – Had much success here. Both times enemies were still alive, found 2 priests among them. Found 1 while town was half regenerated.

The Mire:

Freddy Fear’s House of Horrors – Found twice, and enemies were glowing as if one was nearby on a different run.

Haven Church – Found here on 2 separate runs.

Thunder Mountain Substation TM-01 – Found here on 2 separate runs.

Harper’s Ferry – Found a priest once, found glowing enemies another time, but was unable to locate the priest.

Dyer Chemical – Found 2 in first run

Cranberry Bog:

Appalachian Antiques – Found here on several runs.

The Thorn – Found glowing enemies once, but could not locate priest.

Toxic Valley:

Wavy Willard’s Water Park – Found 1 after multiple fruitless runs.




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