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Fallout Utilities


A great tool for opening, editing, and exporting mesh files from Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout New Vegas

NifSkope (Dev 8)

This release is capable of opening Fallout 76 assets.


This Bethesda Archive Extractor will allow you to extra assets from BA2 files (works with all the Fallouts).


An epic tool for creating complex maps from Fallout 76 data. Featured liberally in Resource Grinds.

Online Fallout Resources


An online registry for community-made game modding software.


Finally ready to see if that shiny legendary you’ve been hoarding for weeks is actually worth anything? This will tell you, but it can’t make you listen! I don’t have a problem! You do!


A great interactive map that can be used to quickly locate any resource in the Appalachian wasteland.

Content Creation

Envato Elements

An amazing stock resource that provides access to a huge library of music (with YouTube licenses), graphics, AE templates, and more. (Monthly or yearly sub required)


A huge library of stock icons that can be used in content creation and design work.

Noun Project

A great stock resource for icons.

Google Fonts

A great place to discovery free, high-quality fonts for use across several mediums, including web.

Adobe Fonts

The remnants of TypeKit. Similar to Google Fonts, but several fonts are only available after signing a blood oath- er, app subscription agreement with Adobe.


Want to design a website or app but would rather eat broken glass shards than use Adobe XD? Use Sketch instead! My tool of choice for designing websites and mobile apps.

Lost Type Co-op

Here, you will find some of the highest quality retro fonts to be found in digital form. Free to try, fair prices to license.

DDC Fonts

Another great indie source for high-quality fonts.

3D Printing


A web interface for your 3D printer, powered by a Raspberry PI (if you can find one), allowing full network control of an otherwise disconnected 3D printer.

Spaghetti Detective

This service integrates with a webcam-connected Octoprint server to provide AI-powered remote print monitoring, and gives you the ability to pause or kill jobs from your phone. Worth every cent.

eSun PLA+ (Gray)

My filament of choice for a majority of jobs. Compared to other filaments, it has been incredibly consistent and can be reliably used for whatever job I decide to throw at my printer.