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The Happiest Place On Earth – Nuka World (Part 1)

Premiered 05.01.2023|

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To kick off our month of fundraising for the Alzheimers Association as part of Wes Johnson’s Voiceapalooza, join me as I hop a monorail to Nuka World, the happiest place on earth!

But, with your donations, you can make it not very happy, as the first two donations of $10 or more will get to decide the outcome of my playthrough. $10 will let you choose one of the factions I don’t betray, and $25 will allow you to pick the raider faction I ultimately side with! Leave your choice as a note in the donation. My preference is primarily siding with The Operators, tolerating The Pack, and sending The Disciples back to the hell from which they came. Do with that what you will.

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