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Starting From Level 1 In Fallout 76 in 2023

Premiered 03.31.2023|

Video Details

Join me as I return to Fallout 76 at level 1 to create a new melee build from scratch! As with last year’s play-through, I won’t be taking any shortcuts that wouldn’t be available to new players and no items are being passed down from my high-level builds. The goal is to replicate a first-time play-through of the game in all its glory.

Happening This Weekend:

Below is a run-down of all the events happening in Fallout 76 this weekend:

During this event, Spooky Scorched can be found all across Appalachia where Scorched can normally be found. Take them down to claim spooky treat bags and mystery candy. Spooky treats bags have a chance of containing rare clothing items and […]

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Junk legendaries weighing you down? Worry no more, as all legendary exchange machines will have double the daily Scrip to offer!

Learn More

The daily limit for obtainable gold is doubled for all gold bullion machines across Appalachia, so participate in events and stock up on gold!

Learn More

A bonus daily challenge is also currently available. Read more on Fallout’s “official” MODUS announcement.

Other Notes:

By the time this stream begins broadcasting, there may or may not be a patch 43 of unknown contents live on Fallout 76, though my guess is that its release has been moved to sometime in April. With midday Thursday now passed, April it appears to be.

Spooky Scorched Locations:

Below is a map of all exterior spawn points in Fallout 76 for scorched, each potentially containing Spooky Scorched through Monday.

Scorched spawn locations in Fallout 76

Click/press the image above to open the full version in a new window, or click here.

But back to today’s play-through…

Target Build:

My initial target for this character’s build will be noobmagic’s “Beast Mode” build, which I’ll adapt to also work with 1-handed melee further down the line.

The Game Plan:

Unlike the last play-through back in 2022, I’m coming into this one having done a lot of search beforehand. Fallout 76 has changed substantially since my first leveling in 2019, so I wanted to go in with some second opinions on how to best level. Much of my plan comes from Uranium Fever’s 2023 beginners guide, which is a great resource for anyone just getting into the game. But yeah, the plan:

Die, A Lot:

Not really much for this one, I’m just emotionally preparing myself.

Be Social:

Unlike the last play-through, I’m going to stay on teams throughout initial leveling. It was a poor decision not to last time, as being on a team provides XP gains and fast travel to member camps.

Unlock Fast Travel:

Using the same methods I took advantage of last time to find the Enclave early on, my goal this time is to quickly unlock Foundation, The Whitespring, and Crater by traveling on events and camps.

Join Public Events:

Immediately. Particularly the brutal ones, such as Radiation Rumble and Moonshine Jamboree. Tagged enemies = XP gains.

Utilize Consumables:

I’ll be focusing on finding ingredients and recipes early on for making food and drink to boost XP. With it being a new season, I’ll also be grinding through ranks to get lunch boxes. (Full list below)


When grinding through early levels in Fallout 76, there are several consumables that you can use to temporarily increase your XP gains and decrease the amount of time it takes to level up. These include:

Cranberry Juice:

+2% XP for 30 Mins /
+10 HP / +15% Water

Requires: Diseased Cranberries (1), Boiled Water (1), Wood (1)

Recipe: No recipe required, can be crafted at a cooking station after picking up diseased cranberries for the first time.

Resource Map: Diseased Cranberries

Cranberry Cobbler:

+5% XP for 30 Min (doesn’t stack) /
+25 HP / +10% Food

Requires: Cranberries (1), Wood (1)

Recipe: No recipe required, can be crafted at a cooking station after picking up cranberries for the first time.

Resource Map: Cranberries

Tasty Squirrel Stew:

+10% XP for 60 Mins /
+60 HP / +20% Food / +15% Water

Requires: Squirrel Bits (2), Tato (2), Salt (1), Boiled Water (2), Wood (1)

Recipe: May be found in refrigerators or cooler containers, may be awarded from Distinguished Guests, may be awarded for completing Forest daily/repeatable quests.

Resource Maps: Squirrels + Tatos, Salt

Cranberry Relish:

+10% XP for 60 Mins /
+60 HP / +200 AP / +20% Food

Requires: Boiled water (2), Cranberries (2), Gourd (2), Sugar (2), Wood (1)

Recipe: May be found in refrigerators or cooler containers, may be awarded from Distinguished Guests, may be awarded for completing Cranberry Bog daily/repeatable quests.

Resource Maps: Cranberries, Gourd, Sugar

Canned Meat Stew:

+5% XP for 60 Mins /
+60 HP / + 20% Food / + 20% Water

No recipe, awarded for completing Feed The People

Other Consumables:

Nuka-Cola Cranberry (2% for 10 Mins)

Lunchboxes (+25% XP for 60 Mins)

Bobblehead: Leader (+5% XP for 60 Mins)