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The Misadventures of Stabby McStabface

Premiered 04.01.2023|

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Join me as I pick up from level 50 with the misadventures of Stabby McStabface, my new character in Fallout 76. With initial leveling out of the way and no equipment level caps to worry about, its time to begin finalizing equipment and the build this character will use. Today, I’ll primarily be focusing on obtaining max-level gear and getting all of my perks squared away. But first….

Continuing This Weekend:

During this event, Spooky Scorched can be found all across Appalachia where Scorched can normally be found. Take them down to claim spooky treat bags and mystery candy. Spooky treats bags have a chance of containing rare clothing items and […]

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Junk legendaries weighing you down? Worry no more, as all legendary exchange machines will have double the daily Scrip to offer!

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The daily limit for obtainable gold is doubled for all gold bullion machines across Appalachia, so participate in events and stock up on gold!

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For optimal spots to find Spooky Scorched, check out this map of external scorched spawn locations. In my experience, Poseidon Energy Plant has been the best location to farm them at, outside of events that spawn waves of scorched. And now, on to:

Today’s Goals:

Here’s what I plan to work on today, and continue over the next several streams:

Round Out Perks:

While going into this play-through with a solid direction has already led to me getting most of the perk cards I need, a few still remain, including Master Slugger (I don’t wanna walk about it) and low-health cards.

Get Armored:

Now that I’ve reached level 50, its time to get a set of matching armor. My plans are to build a set of Botsmith armor to start, upgrading to Secret Service down the road, once all the plans are obtained.

Get Really Armored:

I plan on spending a large part of today’s stream unlocking and looting power armor. My goal is to get a set of Excavator, T-51b, and X-01, eventually getting T-65 a bit later down the road.

Get Armed:

Now that all weapons obtained and built will be max level, it’s time to start building out and rerolling my arsenal of melee weapons.

Set Up Shop:

While I’ve greatly enjoyed using The Whitespring Mall as a base of operations, I need a C.A.M.P. to call home. Nothing big for now, but something.