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Fallout 76 Weekly Stream – April 4th, 2023

Premiered 04.04.2023|

Video Details

Join me for the weekly Fallout 76 stream, where I go over events happening during the week, any relevant patch notes, and answer any questions you may have about the game! This week, I continue the misadventures of Stabby McStabface, continuing to iron out the new build and update to max-level armor and weaponry.

Post-Stream Notes:

Map of power armor mod spawn points in Fallout 76

Happening This Week:

While no events are slated for midweek, a couple of things are happening this weekend, starting Thursday and continuing until Monday.

YOU get a duplicate plan! AND YOU get a duplicate plan! From the “Fallout 76: Fallout Worlds PTS Features And Update Log“: “During Double Mutation events, Daily Ops will be randomized each day with enemies who have one of eight […]

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I’m here to talk anything Fallout 76 while I continue to optimize my new character. I’m still operating under the same rules as Friday night’s stream (no shortcuts, gifts, etc), but have done some leveling off stream….

Since Last Stream:

I’ve completed military training and more importantly, the Enclave’s “One of Us” quest, thus gaining access to the X01 schematics, though I’ve yet to build a set.

After a lot of fast traveling to several spots in the Cranberry Bog on several worlds, I finally have a full set of T-51b to go along with the Excavator.

Thanks to Minerva, I have two pieces of Secret Service armor equipped (the torso and the right leg…I think).

My character now has a basic C.A.M.P. to call home, complete with crops and a brewing station to feed the build.

I’ve continued to optimize perk cards, but still have a ways to go.

Goals For This Stream:

Get Power Armor Mods:

For legs, calibrated shocks, for the head, targeting hud, and for the torso, I’m split between emergency protocols vs. core assembly.

Continue Binging Events:

I need perk points and gold bullion. And the best way to get both of those things is by hitting as many events as possible.