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Fallout 76 Weekly Stream – April 20, 2023

Premiered 04.20.2023|

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Join me for the Fallout 76 weekly stream! This week, I’ll be switching around between my new melee character and my heavy gunner/shotgun build, getting things ready for the upcoming Mothman Equinox event, coming next Tuesday and running through May 9th!

Happening This Weekend:

This weekend is relatively quite, but isn’t entirely dead, with a Double Mutations event running today through Monday.

Happening Next Week:

The real fun starts on Tuesday, with the Mothman Equinox returning, bolstered by some strong weekend events. If you’ve been saving up for some rare plans, next weekend will be an excellent time to finally make some purchases.

This special seasonal event will take place at the top of every hour in Point Pleasant in the Forest Region. While the event is active, cultist priests can be found all across Appalachia. Downing them will give you a chance […]

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Rank up faster by getting double the seasonal SCORE for daily challenges.

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Get 25% off normal in-game vending prices for a selection of the game’s most sought-after plans. For more details, check out this post from the Fallout Wiki, particularly the “Vendor Inventory” section towards the bottom of the page.

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Minerva’s Big Sale:

According to, Minerva’s Big Sale will feature items from List 4 during the upcoming event, meaning that the following items will be available for sale (source):

  • Chicken coop
  • Cattle prod
  • Chemist’s backpack mod
  • Chinese stealth armor
  • Chinese stealth helmet
  • Dynamite
  • Farmable dirt tiles
  • Gauntlet
  • Gauss minigun gunner sights
  • Gauss minigun Tesla capacitor
  • Gauss minigun Tesla dynamo
  • Gauss pistol
  • Grocer’s backpack mod
  • Floater gnasher grenade
  • Resistant lining Secret Service underarmor
  • Scavenged solar panel
  • Secret Service chest piece
  • Secret Service helmet
  • Secret Service jet pack armor
  • Secret Service left arm
  • Secret Service left leg
  • Secret Service pocketed armor limb
  • Secret Service pocketed armor torso
  • Secret Service right arm
  • Secret Service right leg
  • Super reactor
  • Strangler heart chest piece
  • Strangler heart helmet
  • Strangler heart left arm
  • Strangler heart left leg
  • Strangler heart right arm
  • Strangler heart right leg
  • Sympto-Matic
  • T-65 medic pump
  • T-65 overdrive servos
  • T-65 Stealth Boy
  • Treated lining Secret Service underarmor
  • War glaive
  • War glaive cryo blade
  • War glaive plasma blade