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B!tch SMG

Borderlands Universe|

The Borderlands universe fascinates me. What once existed as a single entry dubbed “Diablo with Guns” has grown and evolved into a franchise rich with lore. It’s a universe that feels lived in, exploding with activity if not absurdity. It’s one of the few universes that actually seems like it would be a fun place to live.

When I started planning out which props to print first, I knew something from Borderlands had to be included. After scouring the net for candidates, I landed on the Bitch, a Hyperion-manufactured SMG from Borderlands 2, as recreated in printable form by Bart van der Westerlaken. This is the second of his recreations that I’ve printed so far, and as with the Spacers Choice Light Pistol, working with his files has been a stellar experience.

Project Details

Project Type:

Prop Gun

Build Type:

3D-Printed, PLA+


Borderlands Universe

Reprinting In ABS

Update (2/23) – So it turns out PLA+ is a freakin’ nightmare to sand and post-process, so with recent printer upgrades making it possible to print in ABS, I’m reprinting this along with a few other projects.